Compiler Theory

Despite the common misconception that JavaScript is a “dynamic” or “interpreted” language, it is in fact a compiled language. One of the reasons for this misconception could be because JavaScript is not compiled well in advance, as you would see with many traditionally-compiled languages. But at the end of the day, the JavaScript engine performs many of the same steps as these other languages, perhaps even in more sophisticated ways. (Side note: The engine is responsible for start-to-finish compilation and execution of our JavaScript program.)

My web agency, Tech Made has been developing MERN Stack web application to manage the growing student body club life for one of our clients, Make School Product College of Dominican University. The beta launch is about to happen and after some user testing here, the system may open up for any institution to use to better manage their student clubs. I’ll soon write more blog posts on the Clubs App.

Today, as the title says, we’re reviewing a cool refactor I recently implemented in the codebase of the Clubs App monolithic backend Node API. Before I dive into the…

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We’ve heard of this fancy thing called recursion and it’s like when things keep repeating or looping right? Almost like a circle? Or maybe it’s like a boomerang and it goes somewhere and comes back and you keep doing that. All of those answers are spot on, sort of aha.

Grab and some chai and let’s walk through recursion, odds are you have already used recursion unknowingly.

To keep it simple, recursion is calling a function within a function until a base case is met, or it could throw an error or runs infinitely, infinitely, infinitely… We’ll take a look…

Stripe is the new standard in online payments. Stripe is arguably best software platform for running an internet business. They handle billions of dollars every year for businesses around the world.

Today, I will be walking you through the Stripe documentation by implementation. The reason I chose to write this article is because I had a really tough time as a new developer understanding their documentation. Although it was well explained, I still struggled understanding “where do i put this code in my project” and had more questions. Stripe Checkout API allows you to securely collect card information from your…

There’s a big problem with voting in the United States. I recently realized, there’s many people making uneducated votes on their city’s ballots because the information is not easily accessible to most people. On top of that, there’s no easy way for people to save and share their political beliefs in a structured manner.

Voters Guide is an app that allows people to see their city’s proposition’s pros/cons easier than ever and share your votes with friends.

Scoping the Product

So we were set on our idea, now we needed to scope the product. With a week and a half until elections, this…


If you’re unfamiliar with LocalStorage here’s a great article from one of my colleagues, Faith Chikwekwe that goes into detail of it’s definition, use case and contrast to Cookies which is also commonly used.

In today’s blog post I’m going to explore some of the problems I’ve seen in the influencer/music domain and associated solutions I’ve found… This post will be a scatter of my thoughts as I write them down and try to construct a highly impactful product in the entertainment/media space which I can then build and ship.


First, let’s begin by exploring some problems/pain points in the space…

Influencers (musicians) struggle with getting fans to show up to shows, even the big ones. I’ve learned this by speaking to dozens of small and medium musicians at their shows. Abstract is an…

Unable to land an internship this summer or just forgot to apply, it’s not the end of the world! This is my first Medium article and it will be geared toward engineering and business students or anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

We’re very lucky to be in a time and place where we have world class resources and tools available to us for free. I would like to highlight some of those for you. Before I begin, I’d love to to share this article written by Karis Hustad on Chicago Inno StreetWise:

It covers a lot of different organizations, entrepreneurship…

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